Christian Carle Catafago

flèche gauche flèche haut flèche droite
Early in 2009, I had to go to Paris to get my birth certificate for our imminent wedding. As I stayed there for an extended weekend, I resumed by Subway circle line photography. This time, the will to live had surpassed fear, Eros was calling the cards on Thanatos this time; Paris was blossoming and I could see exhibitions and envision the future again.

Paris has a circle line and nobody is aware of that fact. Line 2 circles to the north, while line 6 circles to the south. At times and in the right direction, there is no need to get down from the wagon to pass from one line to the other. To add to the interest of that line, a large part of both lines are above ground with beautiful view of the city’s buildings. Line 6 crosses the Seine twice through high bridges with incomparable views of the Eiffel Tower and eastern monuments. I used again my panoramic Xpan for some of these bridge- crossing views before concentrating again on trying to read my fellows through camera portraits on the subway using again the 1960’s Rolleiflex I had chosen for this series.
© Christian Carle Catafago